Name - Zexra l Age - 20 l Orientation - Gay l Zodiac - Libra | Spirituality - Pagan

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About my blog:
Nature, Earth, dark/creepy art, Castles, etc.

About me:
. I live in Utah. I'm very open-minded and easy to talk to. I love being there for people and helping anyone in any way i can. I love nature, art, macabre things, make-up, astral realms/traveling, energy work, writing poems and music, and being as diverse and original as i can possibly be. I always try to expand my knowledge and understand everything i can. I like to think of myself as very intellectual, non-judgemental, and free spirited. If you wanna know anything more feel free to ask!

( if you ever just need to talk to someone, even anonymously, please feel free to do so, i will never judge anyone for anything!)



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    I was blown away when he called me cute and kissed my neck… Yeah, that was over 6 years ago.
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    Nero Bellum!!!!!
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    Really old picture of Marshall, I remembe when it got posted. But mostly I remember the nudes with the shirt. I saw...
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